The 8 Week Mindfulness Course (MBSR)

The 8 Week Mindfulness Course (MBSR) from the University of Massachusetts

Studies show that most people who complete the 8 week mindfulness course from the University of
Massachusetts (called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – MBSR) report less stress and greater
well being.
Mindfulness courses are taught in companies such as Google and Apple, in universities, in
psychology, and even in professional sports. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world
have completed 8 week mindfulness courses.
The course is suitable for beginners and no previous experience is required. We have classes both in
English and Spanish.

Benefits reported by past participants:
• Reduced Stress
• Greater peace of mind and well-being
• Improved ability to concentrate
• Better sleep
• Some people have experienced reduction in physical symptoms such as headaches
• Reduced anxiety
• Improvements in relationships (when we have less stress and are more present, that can
affect how we interact with others)

Studies on the 8 Week Course
Thousands of studies have been done on 8 week mindfulness courses at universities such as
Harvard, Oxford (the Oxford Mindfulness Centre) and many others. Here are just a few –

Study: The 8 week mindfulness course reduces stress in a busy work environment.

Harvard Study: Mindfulness not only reduces stress, it changes the brain in ways associated with
reduced stress and greater emotional regulation.

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness means paying attention in the present moment with an attitude of openness and
Have you ever had the experience of driving home from work and when you arrive home realizing
that you don’t remember the journey? Or after leaving your house trying to remember if you locked
the door or not? One thing that experiences like this point to is that it can be easy to go through
much of our day on a kind of automatic pilot and not be very aware in the present moment.
Mindfulness is a way of stepping out of this automatic pilot and training our minds to be more
By training our minds in this way we can live our lives more fully, with greater peace, and deepen
our resources for working with challenges in life.

What does the 8 Week Mindfulness Course Involve?
In the 8-week course we learn a variety of mindfulness techniques for reducing stress, being more
deeply present, and cultivating greater peace of mind.
The 8-week mindfulness course was first started in the United States at the University of
Massachusetts by Jon Kabat-Zinn more than 30 years ago. He called the course Mindfulness Based
Stress Reduction (MBSR). Studies showed many beneficial effects and from there the MBSR
course spread out all over the world. Today hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people have attended the course.

Darran Kilbride, the teacher of this course, has trained directly with the University of Massachusetts
to teach the 8-week MBSR course.

The course consists of:
• A class once a week for 8 weeks. Classes are 2.5 hours.
• On the weekend between classes 6 and 7 there is an extended mindfulness practice session
from 10h to 18h.
• Participants receive recordings of guided mindfulness meditations they can use at home.

If you would like to start your own mindfulness meditation practice, this course is a great way to do
that – participants receive guided meditations they can use at home, in the weekly class you can ask
questions and you have the support of other people starting at the same time as you.
The course is suitable for beginners and no previous mindfulness or meditation experience is

 Teacher – Darran Kilbride

Darran has trained as a mindfulness teacher with the University of Massachusetts (the center where
modern mindfulness courses first began) and has been teaching mindfulness since 2011.
He has spent between one and two years in intensive mindfulness meditation courses and retreats in
the United States, Europe and Asia, much of this with teachers of Jon Kabat Zinn (the person who
first started modern mindfulness courses in the West).
Before teaching mindfulness, Darran worked in the corporate world and has close to a decade of
management and leadership experience in companies in the United States.
He also has a degree in physics from Trinity College Dublin and a postgraduate qualification in
Mindfulness from the Center for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University in the

Upcoming Courses

Course starting Tuesday April 18th at 19.00 – English
• 8 Tuesdays from 19.00 to 21.30
• Class dates are: May 9, 16, 23, 30, June 6, 13, 20, 27
• Extended session Saturday May 27th 10am – 6pm.
• Teacher: Darran Kilbride
• This course is taught in English


• 28 hours of class time
• 8 weeks of classes plus extended mindfulness practice session
• Audio recordings of guided mindfulness meditations and course booklet
• Studies show that most participants who do the course experience reduced stress and
increased well-being

Prize: 295 euros

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